America’s First Federal Credit Union

America’s First Federal Credit Union: A Legacy of Service and Financial Excellence

America’s First Federal Credit Union (AFFCU) stands as a beacon of financial stability, community commitment, and member-oriented services in the United States. Established in 1936, AFFCU has a rich history of serving its members with dedication and unwavering integrity. Over the years, it has evolved from a small credit union into a prominent financial institution that continues to prioritize the financial well-being of its members. In this article, we will explore the history, mission, and offerings of America’s First Federal Credit Union.

History and Founding

America’s First Federal Credit Union was founded during the Great Depression, a time of economic hardship for millions of Americans. A group of visionary individuals came together to create a financial institution that would provide affordable financial services and support to the local community. In 1936, this dream became a reality when the credit union was officially chartered.

AFFCU started as a small, member-owned cooperative serving employees of a single organization. However, over the years, it expanded its field of membership and services, gradually becoming a trusted financial institution for a broader range of individuals and organizations.

Mission and Values

From its inception, America’s First Federal Credit Union has been guided by a core mission: “To improve the financial well-being of our members.” This mission reflects the credit union’s commitment to providing members with the tools and resources they need to achieve financial success. AFFCU places a strong emphasis on financial education, community involvement, and personalized member service.

The credit union’s values are rooted in the principles of cooperation, integrity, and innovation. These values have driven AFFCU to continually adapt and enhance its offerings to meet the evolving financial needs of its members.

Membership Benefits and Services

As a member-owned financial cooperative, America’s First Federal Credit Union offers a wide range of services designed to empower its members financially. Some key offerings include:

  1. Savings and Checking Accounts: AFFCU provides competitive savings and checking account options, helping members save and manage their money efficiently.
  2. Loans and Mortgages: Whether you’re looking for an auto loan, personal loan, or a mortgage, AFFCU offers favorable rates and terms to make your dreams a reality.
  3. Online and Mobile Banking: The credit union invests in cutting-edge technology, providing members with secure and convenient digital banking solutions.
  4. Financial Education: AFFCU is committed to enhancing its members’ financial literacy. It offers workshops, webinars, and resources to help members make informed financial decisions.
  5. Community Involvement: America’s First Federal Credit Union actively participates in local community initiatives, supporting charitable organizations and events that improve the quality of life in its service areas.

Financial Strength and Stability

AFFCU has consistently demonstrated financial strength and stability throughout its history. Its prudent financial management practices and commitment to risk management have earned the trust of its members and regulators alike. This stability ensures that members can rely on the credit union for their financial needs, even during challenging economic times.


America’s First Federal Credit Union is a shining example of a financial institution that places its members’ financial well-being at the forefront of its mission. With a storied history, strong values, and a commitment to community involvement, AFFCU continues to evolve and thrive in an ever-changing financial landscape. As it looks toward the future, the credit union remains dedicated to helping its members achieve their financial goals and dreams, making it a vital resource for individuals and businesses across the United States.